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A program of the National Council for the Traditional Arts

“[RARRA’s work is] highly valuable to our field’s sustainability and moving us forward into better funding outcomes in the future…Our field has not yet ever seen this type of targeted effort.”

-RARRA organizational partner

 About RARRA

RARRA (Resource Alerts: Resilience, Reframing, Actions), is an initiative of the National Council for Traditional Arts that was launched as a call to action spurred from COVID-19 in March 2020. RARRA began as a simple, yet important, sharing of pandemic-related emergency and relief funding with NCTA’s online networks, and has since grown into a robust resource prospecting and sharing tool, an open-access searchable database of listings, and a contributor to the Living Traditions Network’s community dialogues about sustainability, presence, and voice. 

RARRA’s “Resource Alerts!” are monthly social media alerts of arts–related opportunities sourced from numerous various organizations and initiatives around the world. The posts seek to promote the sheer scope of resources available–from grants or sponsorships to informative blogs, professional and creative development programs, awareness initiatives, and more–which support the sustainability of artists and the arts.

Opportunities listed are open to all creative disciplines and backgrounds, with a special focus on resources relevant to the folk and traditional arts. Since 2020, over 750 opportunities have been published through RARRA’s Resource Alerts.


The Living Traditions Network (LTN) is RARRA’s sister initiative. It is a network of arts leaders, folk arts advocates, and culture bearers across the country who are dedicated to and passionate about the future of folk and traditional arts. Through online dialogues, LTN members share thoughts, learn of each other’s work, and strategize about new and compelling opportunities that push forward an agenda of community building, shared visibility, broadened representation, and social justice in arts and culture. RARRA’s Resource Alerts often act as an announcement platform that highlight many of the ideas and opportunities shared among LTN members.

The RARRA Resource Library

Looking for opportunities? Interested in finding more information about initiatives that support the arts? Search through the RARRA Resource Alert library to find current and archived resources:

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